4 Cups of Wine

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4 Cups of Wine

Throughout the Passover Seder, there are four cups of wine poured.

An individual is not suppose to pour their own wine as Passover is a celebration of freedom from slavery.

Anytime the wine is drank, it should be drank in a reclining position. Again, this is to symbolize and celebrate the freedom of not being slaves of Pharaoh.

The promises G-d made to the Jewish people:

1) I will deliver you out of Egypt

2) I will take you out of slavery

3) I will show you my powers

4)I will make you a great nation

These are times throughout the Seder the wine is drank.

A fifth cup of wine is poured and left on the Seder table. This is for the prophet Elijah who comes and visits each Passover Seder and shares in the celebration.



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