Passover Seder

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What is the Passover Seder?

Passover Seder

The Hebrew word Seder means "order" in English. If you ever attended a Passover Seder, there is a specific order which is followed and can be found on the third page of the Haggadah.

The order of Seder is as follows:

1) Kaddesh - Kiddush (saying blessing over the first cup of Wine and drinking it.)

2) Urechatz - First time washing your hands without saying a blessing to eat the Karpas.

3) Karpas - Dipping the green vegetable dipped into salt watert to remind us of the tears of the Jewish slaves in Egypt.

4) Yachatz - Breaking of the middle matzah and placing the smaller part back in the matzah cover. The larger part becomes the Afikomen.

5) Maggid - The telling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt is retold. Asking of the Four Questions by the youngest person at the table.

6) Rachtzah - Washing of hands for the second time while saying a blessing before eating the matzah.

7) Motzi - A blessing for bread or grain products is recited over the matzah.

8) Matzah - A blessing just over the matzah is said and then a little matzah is eaten.

9) Maror - A blessing is said for Maror and is dipped in charoset and eaten.

10) Korech - A sandwich is made with Matzah, Charoset, and Maror and eaten as a symbol of the paschal offering.

11) Shulchan Orech - The main meal! No yeast products are served. Some foods which are served are: gefilte fish, matzah ball soup, roast chicken, turkey, and beef brisket.

12) Tzafun - The middle piece of Matzah called the Afikoman was hidden for the children. Now is the time to find it and eat it as the dessert or the last food of the meal.

13) Barech - Birkat ha-mazon or the grace / blessings after the meal is said. The third cup of wine is poured then drank. Elijah's cup of wine is poured set aside. The door is opened to invite him in.

14. Hallel - Songs are sung and the blessing over the last cup of wine is said and drank.

15) Nirtzah - The Seder ends with the saying, "Next year in Jerusalem."



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